Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Music - Fifi Rong and how you can contribute to her EP 'Violently Silently'

Last night I was lucky enough to discover Fifi Rong. She @fifirong had followed me @priscillacita on twitter and I had to check her out. As a fashion designer I love cultural dress and her image is intoxicating, everything I adore! I wanted to know more. She had also sent me a DM in which she mentioned I could sign up and get access to her music and so I did. My initial thought was that she reminded me of Martina Topley-Bird. Upon further reading of her website http://www.fifirong.com I discovered Fifi had also worked with one of my personal favourites, Tricky.

Fifi Rong - Next Pursuit
This was the first song I played upon arrival at her website and so therefore the first thing I ever heard when I became an instant fan!

My favourite video clip has to be 'Over You' where she elegantly unravels red fabric twisted and knotted around her like bondage. I like the idea of freedom and untangling ourselves from the things that bind us. More videos are available on her Youtube channel

Since becoming a fan I had to sign in to @RagDollMagBlog and follow her on my other account. Which let's just say led to this blog post!

She is currently working on her new EP 'Violently Silently' and has a campaign seeking support to assist her with it. How can you help? 
By clicking on the above link you will be taken to pledgemusic.com where she has a whole assortment of goodies/experiences up for grabs which will help crowdfund the making of her EP. My top pick would have been the rare vinyl compilation but they are all gone. Thankfully there are options which range in price for all or most budgets. If I had the budget, my other top pick I would choose is to write a song with her and have Fifi produce it. Unfortunately for me I don't. Another exciting option is to have Fifi perform a private gig for you! Other experiences include attending an open rehearsal or VIP gig experience. However the executive producer on a new music video is all gone. You can also get her music on CD, digital format or on a special edition USB. T shirts and tote bags are available as well.
The campaign will run for 3 more months and if she reaches her goal Help Musicians UK will offer her a top up fund. 

Here's what I managed to find out about her new EP. 
"The EP is gona be strong, it's getting in shape :) and I'm liking it a lot". She describes it as being "a musical mini journey," consisting of "5 tracks" with "3 main tracks." "First track is intro and made entirely out of samples of the first track". "The first main track is the second track of the EP which is the single of the EP." "There are occasional sounds from the 3 main tracks dropped in the intro, so it's like a teaser preview of the EP. Whereas the last track is like the summary of the EP. Like a remix of the 4th track/song." "So that's the basic structure of the EP. It's an evolution of all that I have become. An honest reveal."
The lyrical themes of the EP "are different emotional stories". "The key theme of my music is always a hybrid of many musical genres into a unique sound, my sound." "It's an evolution in sound, song writing and my production." "I like to take my listeners from my past to the present and grow with me". "It's a solo EP, entirely produced and written by myself." 
She has also "made music for short film" and previously "remixed for other people". "In this campaign I would write a song for it with a pledger and produce for them". Fifi uses "Logic X" to create her masterpieces and is "Loving it :)".
She "hopes people join" her "and stay closely from now to the release :)" "The scheduled release is the end of Sept".

The title, 'Violently Silently' reminds me of Bjork's 'Violently Happy' but as for any other similarities or differences I'll just have to wait to find out. Other images it conjures up in my mind are quietly sneaking up, creeping ever closer, delicate and subtle like Lady Snowblood or the Chinese equivalent. Silent but violent. Silence speaks volumes. When you don't speak up against things violence continues. The very act of silence allows violence to flourish and take over. 

Stay tuned as I will update you about the release of Fifi Rong's 'Violently Silently' EP.


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